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Getting Support

Commercial Support

We recognise that although organisations use happily Open Source Software such as http4k, they may gain additional peace of mind from having direct access to expert advice. For this purpose, the project creators offer a range of professional services to support library users in making the most of the powerful feature set which http4k provides, including:

  • System architecture and design review
  • Testing strategy and implementation review
  • Project-level Developer and Team mentoring
  • On-site http4k talks and training
  • Troubleshooting integration issues and debugging
  • Kotlin language Developer training
  • Advice on extending or creating custom builds of http4k

Please get in touch at: [email protected]

General Help

  • In the first instance, try and see if there is a relevant example in the cookbook or FAQ - more and more are being added all the time!
  • For issues, please describe giving as much detail as you can - including version and steps to recreate.
  • Slack room: #http4k @ <-- PREFERRED
  • Gitter channel: http4k/http4k @
  • Twitter: @http4k

Note: As a general rule, you'll get a quicker response from the Slack channel.

Logo Usage

The http4k logo design and branding are copyright 2019 to the owners of If you'd like to use the http4k logo in a presentation or for other purposes, it's probably fine, but please reach out to let know first on the channels above that you'd like to do so and we can provide the relevant high-quality asset files. Here are the relevant branding guidelines.