http4k in action


Also, check out the YouTube Playlist for the latest collection of talks featuring http4k.

See http4k in action in these example projects and repos:

There is a repository of helpful examples at http4k/examples, covering how to build http4k applications using various features.

Standalone projects...

Each project is tagged with the http4k features it demonstrates:

TDD'd example application

Templates Testing JSON / Lenses CD pipeline Approval Testing OpenApi Static resources

Dropbox clone in 70 lines of Kotlin

Templates Testing Http Client Multipart AWS CD pipeline Serverless GraalVM

Simple websocket driven chat-server in 30 lines of Kotlin

Testing Websockets CD Pipeline Static resources

Stage-by-stage example of London-style TDD development process


Todo backend (standard routing)

Testing JSON / Lenses CD pipeline

Todo backend (contract routing)

Testing JSON / Lenses OpenApi CD pipeline

Real World example (Medium clone)

Testing Contracts