The http4k server-backend modules provide a very thin adapter layer over the raw APIs of the underlying servers, so generally performs at a very low overhead compared to the raw server.

Tech Empower Benchmarks

We have entered http4k into the prominent Tech Empower Framework Benchmarks project, which assesses frameworks over a series of realistic tests, including:

  • JSON response processing
  • Random data-updates (database)
  • Random data reads (database)
  • Template-rendering (HTML)
  • Plain-text pipelining

For this benchmark, no customisation or performance tuning of the underlying servers was done - the default Server construction mechanic was used, as below:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {

Command-line JVM options, however, were tuned for the test to take advantage of various JVM features.

The full implementation of the benchmark can be found here.


Results and analysis will be posted here when the next round (R15) of the benchmarks is published.