http4k / org.http4k.traffic / Replay


interface Replay

Provides a stream of traffic for replaying purposes.


Name Summary
requests abstract fun requests(): Sequence<Request>
responses abstract fun responses(): Sequence<Response>

Companion Object Functions

Name Summary
DiskStream Provides a stream of pre-stored HTTP traffic from the FS.fun DiskStream(baseDir: String = "."): Replay
MemoryStream Provides a stream of pre-stored HTTP traffic from Memory.fun MemoryStream(stream: List<Pair<Request, Response>>): Replay

Extension Functions

Name Summary
replayingMatchingContent fun Replay.replayingMatchingContent(manipulations: (Request) -> Request = { it }): HttpHandler

Companion Object Extension Functions

Name Summary
Servirtium Read HTTP traffic from disk in Servirtium markdown format.fun Replay.Companion.Servirtium(output: Supplier<ByteArray>, options: InteractionOptions = Defaults): Replay


Name Summary
ReadWriteStream Combined Read/Write storage models, optimised for replay.interface ReadWriteStream : Sink, Replay