http4k / org.http4k.core / HttpHandler


typealias HttpHandler = (Request) -> Response


Name Summary
AuthenticationComplete class AuthenticationComplete : HttpHandler
ContractRoute class ContractRoute : HttpHandler
DualSyncAsyncHttpHandler interface DualSyncAsyncHttpHandler : HttpHandler, AsyncHttpClient
GenerateAccessToken class GenerateAccessToken : HttpHandler
JavaHttpClient Basic JDK-based Client.class JavaHttpClient : HttpHandler
JsonRpcService data class JsonRpcService<NODE : Any> : HttpHandler
Liveness The Liveness check is used to determine if an app is alive.object Liveness : HttpHandler
OAuthCallback class OAuthCallback : HttpHandler
Resource interface Resource : HttpHandler
ResourceListingHandler class ResourceListingHandler : HttpHandler
RoutingHttpHandler Composite HttpHandler which can potentially service many different URL patterns. Should return a 404 Response if it cannot service a particular Request.interface RoutingHttpHandler : Router, HttpHandler