http4k / org.http4k.servirtium

Package org.http4k.servirtium


Name Summary
GitHub Read a file from a repository using the GitHub API.class GitHub : StorageProvider
GithubFile data class GithubFile
InteractionControl interface InteractionControl
InteractionOptions General controls for the Servirtium interactions and how they are recorded to the storage format. The manipulations are used to replace/remove any dynamic parts of the request (eg. “Date” header) so that the traffic can be correctly matched during the replay process.interface InteractionOptions
InteractionStorage Provides storage for the recorded Servirtium interaction data.interface InteractionStorage : Supplier<ByteArray>, Consumer<ByteArray>
ServirtiumServer interface ServirtiumServer : Http4kServer, InteractionControl
StorageProvider typealias StorageProvider = (String) -> InteractionStorage


Name Summary
<no name provided> Provides controls for interacting with an in-action Interaction recording.fun <no name provided>(): Unit
trafficPrinter fun InteractionOptions.trafficPrinter(): Filter