http4k / org.http4k.contract.security

Package org.http4k.contract.security


Name Summary
ApiKeySecurity Checks the presence of the named Api Key parameter. Filter returns 401 if Api-Key is not found in request.class ApiKeySecurity<out T> : Security
AuthCodeOAuthSecurity class AuthCodeOAuthSecurity : OAuthSecurity
BasicAuthSecurity Checks the presence of basic auth credentials. Filter returns 401 if auth fails.class BasicAuthSecurity : Security
BearerAuthSecurity Checks the presence of bearer auth credentials. Filter returns 401 if auth fails.class BearerAuthSecurity : Security
ImplicitOAuthSecurity class ImplicitOAuthSecurity : OAuthSecurity
NoSecurity Default NoOp security filter. Filter allows all traffic through.object NoSecurity : Security
OAuthScope data class OAuthScope
OAuthSecurity sealed class OAuthSecurity : Security
Security Endpoint security. Provides filter to be applied to endpoints for all requests.interface Security


Name Summary
and fun Security.and(that: Security): Security
or fun Security.or(that: Security): Security

Companion Object Functions

Name Summary
googleCloudEndpoints fun OAuthSecurity.Companion.googleCloudEndpoints(issuer: String, jwksUri: Uri, audiences: List<String>): ImplicitOAuthSecurity