http4k / org.http4k.contract.openapi

Package org.http4k.contract.openapi

Rendering for OpenAPI specifications


Name Summary
ApiInfo data class ApiInfo
ApiRenderer Renders the contract contents in OpenApi JSON format.interface ApiRenderer<API, NODE> : JsonSchemaCreator<Any, NODE>
OpenApiExtension Provides a way to apply extensions to the OpenAPI JSON document.interface OpenApiExtension
Render typealias Render<NODE> = Json<NODE>.() -> NODE
RenderModes interface RenderModes
SecurityRenderer Provides rendering of Security models in to OpenApi specs.interface SecurityRenderer


Name Summary
cached Cache the result of the API render, in case it is expensive to calculate.fun <API : Any, NODE : Any> ApiRenderer<API, NODE>.cached(): ApiRenderer<API, NODE>
operationId fun ContractRoute.operationId(contractRoot: PathSegments): String
rendererFor fun <T : Security> rendererFor(fn: (T) -> RenderModes): SecurityRenderer