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Package org.http4k.contract.openapi.v2


Name Summary
JsonToJsonSchema class JsonToJsonSchema<NODE> : JsonSchemaCreator<NODE, NODE>
OpenApi2 Contract renderer for OpenApi2 format JSON. Note that for the JSON schema generation, auto-naming of object models is used as the input relies on JSON objects and not JVM classees.open class OpenApi2<out NODE> : ContractRenderer, ErrorResponseRenderer


Name Summary
OpenApi2SecurityRenderer Compose the supported Security modelsval OpenApi2SecurityRenderer: SecurityRenderer
value val ParamMeta.value: String


Name Summary
OpenApi2 Defaults for configuring OpenApi2 with Jacksonfun OpenApi2(apiInfo: ApiInfo, baseUri: Uri, json: Jackson, extensions: List<OpenApiExtension> = emptyList()): OpenApi2<JsonNode>

Companion Object Properties

Name Summary
renderer val ApiKeySecurity.Companion.renderer: SecurityRenderer
val BasicAuthSecurity.Companion.renderer: SecurityRenderer
val ImplicitOAuthSecurity.Companion.renderer: SecurityRenderer