http4k / org.http4k.contract / ErrorResponseRenderer


interface ErrorResponseRenderer


Name Summary
badRequest open fun badRequest(lensFailure: LensFailure): Response
notFound open fun notFound(): Response


Name Summary
ContractRenderer interface ContractRenderer : ErrorResponseRenderer
JsonErrorResponseRenderer class JsonErrorResponseRenderer<NODE> : ErrorResponseRenderer
OpenApi2 Contract renderer for OpenApi2 format JSON. Note that for the JSON schema generation, auto-naming of object models is used as the input relies on JSON objects and not JVM classees.open class OpenApi2<out NODE> : ContractRenderer, ErrorResponseRenderer
OpenApi3 Contract renderer for OpenApi3 format JSON. For the JSON schema generation, naming of object models will default to either reflective or hashcode based depending on if a Auto Json is passed.class OpenApi3<NODE : Any> : ContractRenderer, ErrorResponseRenderer
SimpleJson class SimpleJson<out NODE> : ContractRenderer, ErrorResponseRenderer