http4k / org.http4k.cloudnative.health

Package org.http4k.cloudnative.health


Name Summary
Completed data class Completed : ReadinessCheckResult
Composite data class Composite : ReadinessCheckResult
Result of multiple checks, for which it reports an overall result (ie. any failure is fatal).
DefaultReadinessCheckResultRenderer object DefaultReadinessCheckResultRenderer : ReadinessCheckResultRenderer
Basic reporting of ReadinessCheckResults
Failed data class Failed : ReadinessCheckResult
Health object Health
Represents the set of operational endpoints to ensure that a particular app is working ok. By default provides Readiness and Liveness endpoints, but extra routes can be passed, as can a different renderer implementation for the ReadinessCheck results.
JsonReadinessCheckResultRenderer object JsonReadinessCheckResultRenderer
Reporting of ReadinessCheckResults in a JSON tree
Liveness object Liveness : HttpHandler
The Liveness check is used to determine if an app is alive.
Readiness object Readiness
The Readiness check is used to determine if an app is prepared to receive live traffic.
ReadinessCheck interface ReadinessCheck : () -> ReadinessCheckResult
A Readiness check is used to determine if the pod is ready to receive traffic. An example is to test if the app can talk to it’s database.
ReadinessCheckResult sealed class ReadinessCheckResult : Iterable<ReadinessCheckResult>
The result of a Readiness check. Checks can be combined together with +() to provide an overall result.
ReadinessCheckResultRenderer interface ReadinessCheckResultRenderer : (ReadinessCheckResult) -> String
Renders the results of a readiness check


Name Summary
plus operator fun ReadinessCheckResult.plus(that: ReadinessCheckResult): Composite