http4k / org.http4k.cloudnative.health

Package org.http4k.cloudnative.health


Name Summary
Completed data class Completed : ReadinessCheckResult
Composite Result of multiple checks, for which it reports an overall result (ie. any failure is fatal).data class Composite : ReadinessCheckResult
DefaultReadinessCheckResultRenderer Basic reporting of ReadinessCheckResultsobject DefaultReadinessCheckResultRenderer : ReadinessCheckResultRenderer
Failed data class Failed : ReadinessCheckResult
Health Represents the set of operational endpoints to ensure that a particular app is working ok. By default provides Readiness and Liveness endpoints, but extra routes can be passed, as can a different renderer implementation for the ReadinessCheck results.object Health
JsonReadinessCheckResultRenderer Reporting of ReadinessCheckResults in a JSON treeobject JsonReadinessCheckResultRenderer
Liveness The Liveness check is used to determine if an app is alive.object Liveness : HttpHandler
Readiness The Readiness check is used to determine if an app is prepared to receive live traffic.object Readiness
ReadinessCheck A Readiness check is used to determine if the pod is ready to receive traffic. An example is to test if the app can talk to it’s database.interface ReadinessCheck : () -> ReadinessCheckResult
ReadinessCheckResult The result of a Readiness check. Checks can be combined together with +() to provide an overall result.sealed class ReadinessCheckResult : Iterable<ReadinessCheckResult>
ReadinessCheckResultRenderer Renders the results of a readiness checkinterface ReadinessCheckResultRenderer : (ReadinessCheckResult) -> String


Name Summary
plus operator fun ReadinessCheckResult.plus(that: ReadinessCheckResult): Composite