http4k / org.http4k.webdriver

Package org.http4k.webdriver

Code for testing http4k applications with the Webdriver library.


Name Summary
By Custom set of By implementations for testing http4k applications. As the backing store is JSoup we are limited to implementing selectors which are supported by that.object By
FeatureNotImplementedYet object FeatureNotImplementedYet : RuntimeException
GetURL typealias GetURL = () -> String?
Http4KNavigation interface Http4KNavigation : Navigation
Http4kWebDriver class Http4kWebDriver : WebDriver
JSoupElementFinder class JSoupElementFinder : SearchContext
JSoupWebElement data class JSoupWebElement : WebElement
Navigate typealias Navigate = (Request) -> Unit
Page data class Page


Name Summary
invoke DSL-helper so we can use this webdriver in a lambda-with-receiver contextoperator fun Http4kWebDriver.invoke(fn: Http4kWebDriver.() -> Unit): Http4kWebDriver