http4k / org.http4k.template

Package org.http4k.template

Common code relevant to templating implementations.


Name Summary
DustTemplates class DustTemplates : Templates
FreemarkerTemplates class FreemarkerTemplates : Templates
HandlebarsTemplates class HandlebarsTemplates : Templates
Handlebars templating support. Use the function in the constructor to configure the instance.
PebbleTemplates class PebbleTemplates : Templates
Templates interface Templates
Supported template implementations for templating engine implementations
ThymeleafTemplates class ThymeleafTemplates : Templates
ViewModel interface ViewModel


Name Summary
ViewNotFound data class ViewNotFound : Exception

Type Aliases

Name Summary
TemplateRenderer typealias TemplateRenderer = (ViewModel) -> String

Extensions for External Classes

Name Summary

Companion Object Functions

Name Summary
view fun Body.Companion.~~view~~(renderer: TemplateRenderer, contentType: ContentType): BiDiBodyLens<ViewModel>
viewModel fun Body.Companion.viewModel(renderer: TemplateRenderer, contentType: ContentType): BiDiBodyLensSpec<ViewModel>