http4k / org.http4k.server

Package org.http4k.server

Common code relevant to HTTP server implementations.


Name Summary
Apache4Server data class Apache4Server : ServerConfig
ApacheServer data class ApacheServer : ServerConfig
ConnectorBuilder typealias ConnectorBuilder = (Server) -> ServerConnector
Http4kApache4RequestHandler Exposed to allow for insertion into a customised Apache WebServer instanceclass Http4kApache4RequestHandler : HttpRequestHandler
Http4kChannelHandler Exposed to allow for insertion into a customised Netty server instanceclass Http4kChannelHandler : SimpleChannelInboundHandler<FullHttpRequest>
Http4kRequestHandler Exposed to allow for insertion into a customised Apache WebServer instanceclass Http4kRequestHandler : HttpRequestHandler
Http4kServer interface Http4kServer : AutoCloseable
Http4kSseCallback class Http4kSseCallback : ServerSentEventConnectionCallback
Http4kUndertowHttpHandler Exposed to allow for insertion into a customised Undertow server instanceclass Http4kUndertowHttpHandler : HttpHandler
Http4kWebSocketCallback class Http4kWebSocketCallback : WebSocketConnectionCallback
Http4kWebSocketFrameHandler class Http4kWebSocketFrameHandler : FrameHandler
Http4kWsChannelHandler class Http4kWsChannelHandler : SimpleChannelInboundHandler<WebSocketFrame>
HttpExchangeHandler class HttpExchangeHandler : HttpHandler
HttpUndertowHandler typealias ~~HttpUndertowHandler~~ = Http4kUndertowHttpHandler
Jetty class Jetty : PolyServerConfig
KtorCIO data class KtorCIO : ServerConfig
KtorNetty data class KtorNetty : ServerConfig
Netty data class Netty : PolyServerConfig
PolyHandler A PolyHandler represents the combined routing logic of an multiple protocol handlersclass PolyHandler
PolyServerConfig Standard interface for creating a configured WebServer which supports Websocketsinterface PolyServerConfig : ServerConfig
Ratpack class Ratpack : ServerConfig
RatpackHttp4kHandler class RatpackHttp4kHandler : Handler
ServerConfig interface ServerConfig
SunHttp data class SunHttp : ServerConfig
Undertow data class Undertow : PolyServerConfig
WebSocketServerHandler class WebSocketServerHandler : ChannelInboundHandlerAdapter
WsServerConfig typealias ~~WsServerConfig~~ = PolyServerConfig

Extensions for External Classes

Name Summary


Name Summary
<no name provided> Standard interface for creating a configured WebServerfun <no name provided>(): Unit
asServer fun PolyHandler.asServer(config: PolyServerConfig): Http4kServer
hasEventStreamContentType fun hasEventStreamContentType(): (HttpServerExchange) -> Boolean
http fun http(httpPort: Int): ConnectorBuilder
http2 fun http2(http2Port: Int, keystorePath: String, keystorePassword: String): ConnectorBuilder
requiresWebSocketUpgrade fun requiresWebSocketUpgrade(): (HttpServerExchange) -> Boolean