http4k / org.http4k.format

Package org.http4k.format

Common code relevant to the various message format implementations (eg. JSON).


Name Summary
Argo object Argo : Json<JsonNode>
AutoMarshallingJson abstract class AutoMarshallingJson
ConfigurableGson open class ConfigurableGson : JsonLibAutoMarshallingJson<JsonElement>
ConfigurableJackson open class ConfigurableJackson : JsonLibAutoMarshallingJson<JsonNode>
ConfigurableMoshi open class ConfigurableMoshi : AutoMarshallingJson
Gson object Gson : ConfigurableGson
Jackson object Jackson : ConfigurableJackson
Json interface Json<NODE>
This is the contract for all JSON implementations
JsonErrorResponseRenderer class JsonErrorResponseRenderer<out NODE>
JsonLibAutoMarshallingJson abstract class JsonLibAutoMarshallingJson<NODE : Any> : AutoMarshallingJson, Json<NODE>
JsonType enum class JsonType
Moshi object Moshi : ConfigurableMoshi
Xml object Xml


Name Summary
InvalidJsonException class InvalidJsonException : Exception


Name Summary
defaultKotlinModuleWithHttp4kSerialisers val defaultKotlinModuleWithHttp4kSerialisers: KotlinModule