http4k / org.http4k.events

Package org.http4k.events


Name Summary
AutoMarshallingEvents object AutoMarshallingEvents
Event Represents a meaningful “happening” in an app.interface Event
EventCategory data class EventCategory
EventFilter interface EventFilter : (Events) -> Events
EventFilters Useful EventFilters used in building event processing pipelines to add various types of metadata to the eventsobject EventFilters
Events typealias Events = (Event) -> Unit
MetadataEvent class MetadataEvent : Event

Extensions for External Classes

Name Summary


Name Summary
<no name provided> An EventFilter is used to create pipelines for Event processing.fun <no name provided>(): Unit
AddOpenTelemetryTraces Adds OpenTelemetry traces metadata to the event.fun EventFilters.AddOpenTelemetryTraces(): <ERROR CLASS>
plus Attach some metadata to this eventoperator fun Event.plus(that: Pair<String, Any>): Event
then fun EventFilter.then(next: EventFilter): EventFilter
fun EventFilter.then(next: Events): Events