http4k / org.http4k.cloudnative.env

Package org.http4k.cloudnative.env


Name Summary
Authority data class Authority
Environment interface Environment
This models the runtime environment of the shell where the app is running. Optionally pass a separator to use for multi-values otherwise a standard comma is used - this means you MUST override the separator if you have single values which contain commas, otherwise singular environment keys will just retrieve the first value.
EnvironmentKey object EnvironmentKey : BiDiLensSpec<Environment, String>
This models the key used to get a value out of the Environment using the standard Lens mechanic. Note that if your values contain commas, either use a EnvironmentKey.(mapping).multi.required()/optional()/defaulted() to retrieve the entire list, or override the comma separator in your initial Environment.
Host data class Host
Port data class Port
Secret class Secret : Closeable
A secret is a value which tries very hard not to expose itself as a string, by storing it’s value in a byte array. You can “use” the value only once, after which the value is destroyed
Timeout data class Timeout