http4k / org.http4k.cloudnative.env

Package org.http4k.cloudnative.env


Name Summary
Authority data class Authority
Environment This models the runtime environment of the shell where the app is running. Optionally pass a separator to use for multi-values otherwise a standard comma is used - this means you MUST override the separator if you have single values which contain commas, otherwise singular environment keys will just retrieve the first value.interface Environment
EnvironmentKey This models the key used to get a value out of the Environment using the standard Lens mechanic. Note that if your values contain commas, either use a EnvironmentKey.(mapping).multi.required()/optional()/defaulted() to retrieve the entire list, or override the comma separator in your initial Environment.object EnvironmentKey : BiDiLensSpec<Environment, String>
Host data class Host
MapEnvironment class MapEnvironment : Environment
Port data class Port
Secret A secret is a value which tries very hard not to expose itself as a string, by storing it’s value in a byte array. You can “use” the value only once, after which the value is destroyedclass Secret : Closeable
Timeout data class Timeout

Companion Object Functions

Name Summary
fromConfigFile fun Environment.Companion.fromConfigFile(file: File): Environment
fromYaml Read a YAML file into environments, prepending all of the nested levels into the property namesfun Environment.Companion.fromYaml(file: File): Environment