http4k JARs

All http4k libraries are available on Maven Central and JCenter and are released under a single platform version. The most convenient way to use http4k on most projects is to install the Platform BOM (Bill-of-Materials) module and then just add extra module dependencies as you need them.

To do this for the simplest project using only the core module, just add the following to your Gradle file dependencies block:

implementation platform("org.http4k:http4k-bom:3.269.0")
implementation "org.http4k:http4k-core"

http4k Toolbox CLI

We have developed a collection of useful tools for Developers working with the http4k toolset to turbo-charge development. These include:

  • A Project Wizard that generates entire bootstrap Server and Serverless project source folders - including fully working starter code, build tooling, extra modules and packaging options.
  • From OpenAPI v2 & V3 specification JSON/YAML, generate an entire working http4k Server, Client and Model objects (generated from JSON Schema).
  • Generate Kotlin Data Class definitions from an inputted JSON, YAML, or XML document.

Install with SDKman!

SDKMan! provides package management for Unix-based systems.

To install SDKman!, just paste the following into your terminal:

curl -s | bash

After installation, bootstrap SDKMan! by opening a new terminal:

source "$HOME/.sdkman/bin/"

To install the latest http4k Toolbox binary:

sdk install http4k

... then test it to show the help with:

http4k --help

Install with Brew

Brew is the "missing package manager for MacOS".

To install Brew, just paste the following into your terminal:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

To install the latest http4k Toolbox binary:

brew tap http4k/tap && brew install http4k

... then test it with:

http4k --help