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Installation (Gradle)

compile group: "org.http4k", name: "http4k-aws", version: "3.255.0"


This module provides super-simple AWS request signing functionality for talking to AWS services. Once configured with the correct keys, the various AWS services are actually really simple to integrate with they're just RESTy-type HTTPS services - the main difficulty is that all requests need to have their contents digitally signed with the AWS credentials to be authorised.

http4k provides a Filter which does this request signing process. Just decorate a standard HTTP client and then make the relevant calls:



import org.http4k.client.ApacheClient
import org.http4k.core.Method.GET
import org.http4k.core.Method.PUT
import org.http4k.core.Request
import org.http4k.core.Uri
import org.http4k.core.then
import org.http4k.filter.AwsAuth
import org.http4k.filter.ClientFilters
import java.util.UUID

fun main() {

    val region = "us-east-1"
    val service = "s3"
    val accessKey = "myGreatAwsAccessKey"
    val secretKey = "myGreatAwsSecretKey"

    val client = ClientFilters.AwsAuth(
        AwsCredentialScope(region, service),
        AwsCredentials(accessKey, secretKey))

    // create a bucket
    val bucketName = UUID.randomUUID().toString()
    val bucketUri = Uri.of("https://$")
    println(client(Request(PUT, bucketUri)))

    // get list of buckets with the new bucket in it
    println(client(Request(GET, Uri.of(""))).bodyString())

    // create a key into the bucket
    val key = UUID.randomUUID().toString()

    val keyUri = Uri.of("https://$$key")
    println(client(Request(PUT, keyUri).body("some amazing content that I want stored on S3")))

    // get the keys in the bucket
    println(client(Request(GET, bucketUri)))

    // get the contents of the key in the bucket
    println(client(Request(GET, keyUri)))

    // delete the key in the bucket
    println(client(Request(GET, keyUri)))

    // delete the bucket
    println(client(Request(GET, bucketUri)))