How to use this guide

The http4k development team firmly believe that the best way to learn the library is to see actual examples that users can run for themselves and adapt as required. All of the code in on this website is committed to source control and compiled along with the library to ensure that it will never go stale. This does limit how we can present the code (ie. fully with import statements), but we feel that the trade off is worth it.

This set of recipes is intended to be used as a reference for the various features of http4k in place of comprehensive docs about every last option. If we have done our jobs correctly, someone with the correct knowledge of a particular domain or platform should be able to implement systems using the APIs by just using an IDE.

The format of the new and updated recipes should follow this Markdown template.

As a community-driven project, we would welcome new or updated recipes to make http4k easier to use.