http4k / org.http4k.lens / Path


object Path : BiDiPathLensSpec<String> (source)


Name Summary
fixed fun fixed(name: String): PathLens<String>

Inherited Functions

Name Summary
map fun <NEXT> map(nextIn: (OUT) -> NEXT, nextOut: (NEXT) -> OUT): BiDiPathLensSpec<NEXT>
Create another BiDiPathLensSpec which applies the bi-directional transformations to the result. Any resultant Lens can be used to extract or insert the final type from/into a path segment.
of open fun of(name: String, description: String?): BiDiPathLens<OUT>
Create a lens for this Spec

Extension Functions

Name Summary
base64 fun Path.base64(): BiDiPathLensSpec<String>
bigDecimal fun Path.bigDecimal(): BiDiPathLensSpec<BigDecimal>
bigInteger fun Path.bigInteger(): BiDiPathLensSpec<BigInteger>
boolean fun Path.boolean(): BiDiPathLensSpec<Boolean>
dateTime fun Path.dateTime(formatter: DateTimeFormatter = ISO_LOCAL_DATE_TIME): BiDiPathLensSpec<LocalDateTime!>
double fun Path.double(): BiDiPathLensSpec<Double>
duration fun Path.duration(): BiDiPathLensSpec<Duration!>
float fun Path.float(): BiDiPathLensSpec<Float>
instant fun Path.instant(): BiDiPathLensSpec<Instant!>
int fun Path.int(): BiDiPathLensSpec<Int>
localDate fun Path.localDate(formatter: DateTimeFormatter = ISO_LOCAL_DATE): BiDiPathLensSpec<LocalDate!>
localTime fun Path.localTime(formatter: DateTimeFormatter = ISO_LOCAL_TIME): BiDiPathLensSpec<LocalTime!>
long fun Path.long(): BiDiPathLensSpec<Long>
nonEmptyString fun Path.nonEmptyString(): BiDiPathLensSpec<String>
regex fun Path.regex(pattern: String, group: Int = 1): BiDiPathLensSpec<String>
regexObject fun Path.regexObject(): BiDiPathLensSpec<Regex>
string fun Path.string(): Path
uri fun Path.uri(): BiDiPathLensSpec<Uri>
uuid fun Path.uuid(): BiDiPathLensSpec<UUID!>
with fun <T> T.with(vararg modifiers: (T) -> T): T
yearMonth fun Path.yearMonth(): BiDiPathLensSpec<YearMonth!>
zonedDateTime fun Path.zonedDateTime(formatter: DateTimeFormatter = ISO_ZONED_DATE_TIME): BiDiPathLensSpec<ZonedDateTime!>