http4k / org.http4k.filter / ResilienceFilters


object ResilienceFilters


Name Summary
Bulkheading Provide simple Bulkhead functionality. By default, handles 25 parallel requests, with zero wait time.object Bulkheading
CircuitBreak Provide simple Circuit Breaker. Returns ServiceUnavailable when the circuit is open. By default, uses a % failure rate of 50% detection and an Circuit Open period of 1minuteobject CircuitBreak
RateLimit Provide simple Rate Limiter functionality. By default, handles maximum of 50 requests per 5 seconds.object RateLimit
RetryFailures Provide simple Retrying functionality. Returns the last response when retries expire. By default, retries 3 times with a delay of 500ms between attempts, backing off at a 1.5x multiplier.object RetryFailures